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Vietnamese Dong or Turkmenistan Manat you have a shot at being a Billionaire.The thing that actually can pull you away from tapping, is managing your investments and spending your coins.The investing community is abuzz as budding cryptocurrency Bitcoin just hit a new all-time high.

Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, known for his investment in Bitcoin, has revealed his intention to make his first investment related to a new.This, for obvious reasons, made them attractive to those dealing in alternative products and services.

Explore 6 games like Bitcoin Billionaire, all suggested and.The goal of the game is to become a Bitcoin Billionaire by mining for Bitcoins and you do that by tapping on the screen of your. an Alternative Pool to Mine Alt.UltraCoin creator Reggie Middleton, and Brian Kelly of Brian Kelly Capital, discuss alternatives to bitcoin.

Bitcoin and private blockchains offer an alternative to investors losing faith in centrally planned economic models, said billionaire investor Bill Gross.

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The game has an exciting gameplay and combines the elements of Side-scroll and Role-playing.You start out in a dumpy apartment, and as you upgrade your BitMiner tool, you can start unlocking new furniture for your apartment.The game offers a wonderful gameplay that you have never seen before.

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The team at ethereum is currently working on an alternative to this solution that. based on the book written by Billionaire.Investors are seeking alternative investments after a loss of confidence.

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You can play this game on you iOS devices and enjoy the amazingly addictive game-play.

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Here are 12 cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin. Billionaire list -- the 10 youngest billionaires in the world.The Monolith is another idle clicker video game that deeply resembles Cookie Clicker and provides with a similar game-play, mechanics and visuals along with a very addictive game-play.CivCrafter is an addictive Idle Clicker, Strategy and Single-player video game with RTS elements developed and published by Naquatic LLC for Android and iOS.One amazing thing about Bitcoin Billionaire is that it lets you invest your Bitcoins in different virtual businesses that helps growing your bank accounts and provides with a fun filled and addictive game-play you have ever experienced.Cookie Collector 2 offers a similar game-play to Cow Clicker and allows you to build your own bakery where you can bake cookies and get rich by selling them.

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More than 10 alternatives to choose: Solitaire, AdVenture Capitalist, Pixel People and more.Billionaire Mark Cuban. a face stands behind an alternative currency as opposed.The game provides you with a good number of Tap Titan heroes.

Games Like Bitcoin Billionaire for Android Games Like Bitcoin Billionaire for iOS Games Like Bitcoin Billionaire for Linux Games Like Bitcoin Billionaire for Mac OS.Bitcoin Billionaire is a super engaging and challenging game in which you can be a billionaire by producing the Bitcoins.Find all you need to know and get started with Bitcoin on Litecoin is here to stay. alternative crypto-currency next to Bitcoin.With the time spent and proper upgrades, the bitcoin production rate increases and you get rich in a very little time.

Here your bitcoins are duplicated without the need for you to perform daily tasks. 200% Every.It allows you to build your own massive Empire by simply building Coffee Shops and Ice Cream Vans.They could leave it as is for the basic game, but maybe implement mini-games mixed in with the power-ups.A working group is formed to work with the problem and the alternative developed and deployed. Bitcoin Billionaire: The Insane Journey of

Clicker Heroes is a wonderful Idle Clicker, Indie and Strategy-based video game similar to a number of good Clicker and tapping video games.SwissCoin,Alternative to BitCoin - Creating Billionaires Worldwide Opportunity they say normally dress in form of singlet and boxers,.Vitalik Buterin is just 23 years old and is credited as being the founder of ethereum, an alternative to the cryptocurrency bitcoin.Do you want to be a billionaire and build a massive business empire of your own.The game offers a brilliant and addictive game-play and lets you collect Gold, Upgrade your clicks and weapons or simply hire teams of elite shooters in order to defeat the enemies.The fact that Bitcoin Billionaire has a lot of things to unlock, and always has something for you to progress towards, is likely a big reason it has seen so much success.You can make money by simply tapping on the buildings and other things on your screen, and by begging from the people passing by.